Grantee Requirements: MN/NYC Film, Video, and Digital Production Grant Programs

Grant recipients are required to submit annual progress reports. Upon completion of the project, a final financial and narrative report and DVD copy of the project must be submitted to the Foundation. There are no deadlines for the completion of funded works; however, the Foundation expects recipients to make steady progress and submit reports.

Grantees must complete their funded projects and submit a final financial and narrative report before being eligible to reapply. GRANTEES MAY NOT SUBSTITUTE A DIFFERENT PROJECT FOR THE FILM OR VIDEO FOR WHICH A GRANT WAS RECEIVED; doing so will result in the Foundation recalling the grant. Any major changes in the project should be checked with the Foundation. Applicants must also begin production of their project within 18 months of receiving the grant.

If you receive a grant, the Jerome Foundation's annual tax return, which is a public document and is posted on the Foundation's website, will contain your name and address, in its listing of grants made during the year.  For more information on public access to the tax returns of foundations, please contact Foundation staff. 

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